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The story behind A Ceramic Studio

Above Picture (My son age 8yrs old in Florida)

A Ceramic Studio began in 2011 in Valparaiso, FL under the name of A Ceramic Studio & Hobby Shop. It was a 2400 sq ft studio with  3 Kilns 2 Pottery Wheels and a pouring table. We worked with the Boys & Girls Club and local Day Care Centers. Children would come to the center and we would give tours of the studio, there they learned the techniques of processing greenware to bisque. The children experienced how to pour a mold, how to clean the greenware, and of course how to glaze a bisque. 

My name is Laura Destin I am a graduate of Agawam High School and moved to Florida in 1983. I raised my four grown children there, and 5 years ago I moved back.

Before the pandemic, I opened a booth and started the ceramics again at the Eastfield Mall. When the pandemic left us with every establishment closing, it shut the booth down as well. 

I am very passionate about the art of ceramics, every finished glazed piece I take out of the kiln is a new piece of art. There are many different styles of glazing techniques and I plan on teaching many of them through the different workshops I will be holding. 

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